Protection and sanitary signs

The project concept

Ad'hoc Lab's objective is to provide ready-to-use flexible or rigid protection solutions. The online shop lists the different work situations and provides products that can be delivered within 48 hours.After production, Ad'Hoc Lab can also offer installation solutions (Coversafe supportsapplication of health protection signs). In this case, our advisors assess the needs on site using a methodology specific to signage subjects (with or without on-site spotting) and provide an installation solution via our national network of installers.

Your Coversafe anti-virus adhesive film


The anti-virus protection film

that eliminates 99.9%

of viruses and bacteria.


Film antimicrobien
Anti-virus adhesive kit for handles and surfaces
Protection et signalétique sanitaire
Customisable hydro-alcoholic gel dispenser
Protection et signalétique sanitaire
Saliva protection screen
Protection et signalétique sanitaire
Adhesives & sanitary sign

Manufacturing, printing
Protection and sanitary signs

Our Manufacturing workshop is located in Loire-Atlantique. It brings together all the professions and services for the whole range of products on offer.

Aluminium joinery, wooden joinery, digital printing using the latest technologies: flat or roll printing, ecological water-based inks, latex or UV for outdoor use, but also cutting on XXL numeric tables, semi-cutting by servomotor, milling by intelligent robot. Finishing includes gluing, encapsulation, cutting, fixing systems, and processing of adhesive vinyl.

Delivery, installation

Ad'hoc lab offers delivery and installation on site (indoor, outdoor) in France or abroad.
Package packaging and deliveries are managed on a case-by-case basis, according to the constraints demanded in the market. Deliveries are made by our partner Calberson. Delivery times range from D+1 to D+3 on metropolitan French territory (including Corsica). And are to be studied for shipments abroad

Avec AD’HOC LAB vous bénéficiez d’une équipe d’experts en aménagement d’appoint ou pérenne spécialisée dans la protection sanitaire incluant les services de repérage, de montage, d’installation de conduites de chantier ou de logistique pour les dossiers à l’échelle nationale.

COVERSAFE : The anti-virus film

Protection and sanitary signs